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Where I’ve been! What I’ve been doing!

Hey everyone! So for the past few months I’ve been missing and haven’t done any book reviews for a while. I have many varied interests and crochet is definitely one of them. It’s helps to relax me and calm me. Plus I’ve been needing to get a certain blanket finished before my best friend gave birth on the 16th January.

Well I started this blanket on the 26th November 2017 and wow did it seem to take forever but I managed to get it finished about 6 hours before my friend gave birth on the 16th. I thought I’d never see the end of it! There was swearing, tears, and a definite labour of love. But seeing her face when she finally received it was absolutely priceless and will stay with me forever. Since then I’ve received pictures of her, her newborn and her eldest daughter all snuggled in it and it has made it all worth it. Here is said blanket… it drapes on 3 sides of a king size bed and I never measured it but I swear it measures 12ft point to point as it’s a 12 Point star.

I have since started a new project but figured I haven’t read for quite some time and I miss it loads. So I finally finished the book I was reading, which was Ocean’s Fire by Stacey Tucker. I’m now on a different book and loving having my kindle in front of me again.

My thoughts have been to integrate my book blog and possibly a crochet blog on latest projects and past projects with links to the patterns I’ve followed. You can always follow my craft page here and I try and keep it as updated as possible.

Well that’s a quick rundown of the past few months.

Happy Reading and Happy Hooking


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