Unstacking the Shelves – #1

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This section was thought up by my sister, Zoe over at Book Addict Rambles. So, we’ve had Stacking the Shelves, now it’s time to find out what I’m planning on reading and have read for the past couple of weeks.


What am I reading?

I am currently reading The Ninth Rain by Jen Williams and I absolutely love it so far! I won’t give too much away as obviously I’ll let you know my thoughts when it’s time to review it.

I’m about half way through it so it won’t be long before my review is here!

Ebooks I’ve read

I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 of these and are all parts of blog tours that are coming up in the future so keep an eye out!

Physical books I’ve read

For this section I am seriously slacking. I’ve read none (boooo) but hopefully that will change and I’ll pull my finger out!

My To Be Read Pile, both Ebook and Physical

3 of these books are a part of blog tours and I’m definitely excited to be a part of them. I’m hoping I might be able to add another one (a girl can dream, can’t she?)

Well, hopefully I’ll be writing another Unstacking in a couple of weeks or so. Let me know what you’ve been reading!

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