Unstacking the Shelves #3

Unstacking the Shelves is something my sister over at Book Addict Rambles came up with and I’ve quite happily stolen the idea! But please do go and check out her blog to.

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote and Unstacking the Shelves post and I’ve certainly read a few (but ooops I’ve gained more than I’ve read). Here are the books I’ve read since my last post.


So although in my recent Stacking the Shelves has a lot of books on it, I’ve not done too bad with getting them read and unstacked.

Currently Reading

I currently have 2 books on my currently reading list. The Hanging Women I’m reading for a blog tour and The Smoke Thieves is an in between book I’m trying to get through.

To Be Read Next!

There are a few books I’d like to read next. So I’ll be adding a few for tours and a few I’d like to read in my own time. But whether I get to read those ones, who knows. I think these 5 are more than enough to be getting on with… I hope

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