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Blog Tour: Book Review – A Winter Retreat at The Paris Cheese Shop – Part 1 by Victoria Brownlee

Blog Tour

A Winter Retreat at The Paris Cheese Shop – Part 1 by Victoria Brownlee

Format – Bound Copy

ISBN – 9781787474758

Publisher – Quercus

Published – 3rd May 2018 (eBook copy)

Goodreads Link – Here

Amazon UK Link – Here

The Blurb!39294807

Who needs love when you can eat cheese?

Heartbroken and on the cusp of turning 30, Ella decides to pack her bags and move to Paris, somewhere she had visited when she was a different, more adventurous person.

It’s on the streets of beautiful, romantic City of Light that she finds her heart’s true desire: cheese. For Ella, her local fromagerie becomes a safe haven and she finds herself being drawn back there day after day.

But in a strange city, being friendless and not able to speak the language, has she bitten off more than she can chew?

17991692About the Author!

Victoria Brownlee is an author, food writer and editor, currently based in Paris, France. She started writing about food over eight years ago, first as a blogger, and then as the Food & Drink Editor at ‘Time Out Shanghai’. She has an MA (Publishing and Communications) from the University of Melbourne, Australia. ‘Escape to the Paris Cheese Shop’ is her first novel.

Twitter – @v_brownlee

My Thoughts! 

A Winter Retreat at The Paris Cheese Shop is the first installment in a 4 part series and what a truly wonderful little read it was! Ella did exactly what I would do if I found myself in that situation. I would genuinely leave the UK and find work elsewhere. I have already lived in a few places, but I think I would have to do this. I loved the descriptions of everything and just reading Victoria’s descriptions of food made my mouth water!

I felt like I was right there with Ella throughout her whole ordeal and I couldn’t wait to join her throughout the rest of her journey, so I’ve already pre-ordered the other 3 installments. I will post links to them below.

I’ve given The Paris Cheese Shop a 4/5 rating. I cannot wait for the next installments. Victoria Brownlee has written a truly wonderful little book. I’d certainly recommend this book.

Part 1 – Here

Part 2 – Here

Part 3 – Here

Part 4 – Here

Here are all of the other tour stops, definitely go and check them out!

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