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Review – The Relic Hunters by David Leadbeater


The Relic Hunters (The Relic Hunters #1) by  David Leadbeater

The Blurb! 35065984

One of the lost ancient wonders of the world is still out there. . .

In the same style as the Matt Drake series comes The Relic Hunters, a novel packed with camaraderie, action, archaeological mysteries and a brand-new team of hard-hitting, entertaining and highly engaging characters.

Guy Bodie is a relic smuggler, a tough man in a tough world, with self-taught skills in smuggling and combat. He trusts only five people, a proven team, until one of them betrays him, landing him in a hellish Mexican prison. Guy Bodie’s chances of survival are diminishing by the minute.

To his surprise, the American CIA then break him out, tell him to hand-pick a team, and start right back at his old job – only this time he’s working for them – chasing down the most infamous relics in history and trying to solve the greatest heist – how one of the world’s seven ancient wonders was once stolen and then concealed.

With thrilling action across the globe, The Relic Hunters begins a new series in the Matt Drake vein of archaeological mystery, historical adventures and team camaraderie.


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Author Bio

International bestselling author of twenty one thrillers, thirteen in the Matt Drake Action/Adventure series, also The Disavowed and Alicia Myles series’. All available for the Amazon Kindle.

Website –

Reader of multiple genres. Husband. Father of two beautiful girls, aged 5 and 7. Joss Whedon fan.

My Thoughts!

I love books like this and this is the first I’ve read in quite some time. I love the history, learning about the history behind relics and the reasoning behind the crimes to hide it. I suppose I like the conspiracy theories behind them.

The Relic Hunters definitely has a sense of family about it and that has drawn me in. Others like this I’ve read has usually been a couple of people, but here we have, Bodie, Cassidy, Cross, Blunt, and Sam. Along the way they pick up Jeff who is an archaeologist and not forgetting CIA agent Heidi Moneymaker (I know right! Made me chuckle too!). This team is finely tuned and they know exactly what they are doing.

It was certainly a fast paced edge of your seat read and I liked the little comments of sarcasm, especially during a fight. After I got going I couldn’t put it down and quickly finished it. Can’t wait to pick up Book 2 in this series. I’m giving this book a 4/5 rating. Keep this series coming David!

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