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Today on my blog I have a guest post by the awesome Chris Parker, the author of Faith which has todays spotlight! 



The Blurb! thumbnail_9781911583783

‘I began reading Chris Parker twenty years ago. He was amazing then. He is amazing now.’ Geoff Thompson. BAFTA Award Winner

After the terrifying events of Belief, Ethan Hall has been charged with multiple homicides. His trial is about to begin – will it bring closure for Marcus Kline and those he loves? Ethan has been in solitary confinement in the medical wing of a prison for several months. However officers still have to interact with him and he has hypnotised two of them to kill ex-offenders. He has also chosen to defend himself in court. Surely justice will prevail? 

Faith is Chris Parker’s thrilling final book in the Marcus Kline trilogy. Can Marcus Kline ultimately triumph over his deadly nemesis? 

  • Launch event in Nottingham – including Chris hypnotising members of the audience! Getting regional and national coverage
  • Influence was a no 1 thriller bestseller on Amazon
  • ‘A gripping thriller that has the bad guy using his mind to influence and kill his victims. Chilling and mesmerising!’ EmmaB Book reviews



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About the Author

Based in Nottingham, Chris Parker is a specialist in Communication and Influence. A Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Chris is a highly experienced management trainer, business consultant, lecturer and writer. Books include Influence, Belief, Campaign It, Brain Always Wins, Diego Masciaga Way, The City Fox and Debris.



Here is Chris’ guest post What is the Story is About?

The final book in the Marcus Kline trilogy

Marcus Kline’s story began with Influence moved on through Belief and ended, as everyone’s story does, with Faith. It has been 5 years in the making and telling. Now it is over I’m left with only the questions I began with. They are:

  1. Who is the story about?
  2. What is the story about?
  3. Why does it need telling?
  4. Where and when does it take place?

Originally these questions acted as prompts for planning; now they serve as cues for reflection. In this short piece I’m going to consider question no.2:

What is the story about?

The obvious answer is that it’s about Marcus Kline, the world’s leading professional in Communication and Influence who, having been targeted by serial killer and master-hypnotist, Ethan Hall, is now preparing to face him again in court. Ethan has been charged with murder and both Marcus and his wife, Anne-Marie are key prosecution witnesses. Ethan has chosen to defend himself, confident that his skills as a hypnotist and influencer will make him irresistible to the jury and Judge. Meanwhile a series of murders occur and are shared on social media, encouraging others to follow suit. DCI Peter Jones, the man who arrested Ethan cannot help but wonder if these are in some way connected to the killer and his trial.

The slightly longer and less obvious answer, is that it’s a story about the power of words – to hurt or heal – and the absolute importance of communication in building and maintaining relationships with both self and others. In Faith, as in its predecessors Influence and Belief, words are the weapons used to both attack and defend. The battleground is the mind. Doubts and fears are created deliberately, imaginations are stretched and twisted, memories are shaped and shifted into the foreground of awareness.

Marcus Kline and Ethan Hall both understand that influence – the ability to flow into the lives of others and change their behaviours – starts on the inside. Words and gestures affect minds and bodies in tangible, powerful ways. Neuroscience can now show us how words influence the human brain – how it actually changes in response to the communication of others. This isn’t fiction, it’s fact.

As a species we have evolved to be social beings, our ability to communicate and problem-solve with others is the primary reason for our dominance on the planet. Our brain is structured to ensure and enable this. It’s structure also leads us to feel emotion before we think logically or rationally. As social and emotional beings – and the two are invariably interrelated – the quality and nature of our life experience is determined significantly by the quality and nature of our relationships, which in turn are determined by the communication shared.

Marcus and Ethan Hall are masters at influencing this feedback loop. Ethan, of course, aims always to turn it into a vicious cycle. That is never Marcus’s intention. (Although he does make far more than a few mistakes along the way.)

The power of words to influence and form both the present and the future is seen through Ethan’s trial. It’s there, too, in the wave of so-called Pass it on killings that are shared and encouraged on social media.

So, what is the story that combines a trial with a series of murders with psychological warfare actually about?

For me, it’s about the incredible power we all have to influence ourselves and others through our communication. We might not be as skilled as Marcus Kline and Ethan Hall (and please be assured everything they do in Faith and before can be done), but we do influence people on a daily basis in myriad ways – whether that is face-to-face or via social media. We do have a responsibility therefore to manage our communication with care – and, ideally, with some skill.

On a personal note, there is nothing more important in my life than those relationships I share with the people closest to me. Marcus Kline’s story is about a man who, for all his expertise, had forgotten that. Maybe, through Faith, he will remember and regain that most precious part of being human.



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