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Today on my blog I have a guest post by Christopher Lowery. He is the author of today’s spotlight book Mosul Legacy and he tells us the background behind the book.



The Blurb! 51gqe2iycZL


Mosul, Iraq, 2016 – once ISIL’s greatest conquest but fast becoming a giant graveyard, where the difference between a gruesome death or wretched survival is just a matter of chance. As attacks by the Western coalition forces devastate the city, even senior ISIL officers like Karl realise defeat is inevitable.

On his instructions, two ISIL jihadists travel across the EU Schengen Zone, planning to bring terror to a Western European city. German police officer Max Kellerman is on their tail – can he find them in time to prevent a catastrophic loss of life?

Hema and Faqir Al-Douri flee the Mosul death trap in search of peace and safety in Western Europe. As poor, homeless refugees, they face the impossible task of crossing unfriendly borders in Asia and Eastern Europe to reach the safe-haven they dream of. Their journey is fraught with danger and protecting their family demands sacrifices they could never have imagined.

The Al-Douri’s desperate attempt to find freedom in the face of heartless bureaucracy, murderous violence and venal corruption is in stark contrast with the jihadists’ dark intent as they journey across a borderless Europe.

As with his bestselling African Diamonds trilogy, Christopher Lowery combines detailed factual events with a gripping multi-stranded plot, whose topicality is inescapable. From North Africa through Eastern and Western Europe, The Mosul Legacy confronts the reader with the devastating truth behind today’s newspaper headlines.

The perfect read for fans of Gerald Seymour, Chris Ryan and Roger Pearce.


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imageAbout the Author

Christopher Lowery is a ‘Geordie’, born in the northeast of England, who graduated in finance and economics after reluctantly giving up career choices in professional golf and rock & roll. Chris left the UK for Switzerland in 1966 and has lived and worked in six different countries over the last 50 years. He was a real estate developer and Telecoms/Internet entrepreneur and inventor and has created several successful companies around the world, notably Interoute Communications, now Europe’s largest cloud services platform provider and Wyless Group, now part of Kore Telematics, one of the world’s largest Internet of Things providers.

In 2014, Chris started writing historically/factually based thrillers and the first two volumes of his African Diamonds Trilogy – The Angolan Clan & The Rwandan Hostage, were published by Urbane Publications, a UK publisher. These books are based upon his family’s experiences during the Portuguese Revolution of the Carnations of 1974 and his daughter’s work as a delegate with the ICRC in Rwanda in 1996. The third volume, The Dark Web, was published in April 2018, and draws on his experience as one of the creators of The Internet of Things, between 2002 and 2016. His fourth book, The Mosul Legacy, an unrelated story, will be published in September 2018. His illustrated All About Jack stories for children are written in humorous verse, and were published privately.


Christopher’s Guest Post on the background of The Mosul Legacy
This story was originally part of The Dark Web, Vol III of The African Diamonds Trilogy – the dual themes of an international cyber attack and a jihadist terrorist attack being prepared and executed simultaneously. Unfortunately, the finished book ran to almost 1,000 pages and my publishers, not surprisingly, said, ‘TOO LONG!’

Separating the stories was a nightmare, since the timing of every single chapter of each book had to be changed, characters removed and/or added, events and plotting restructured, to ensure that each story was integral, complete, and most importantly, enjoyable in its own right. Happily, I believe that both stories are better alone than competing with each other and losing the reader in a complicated multi-stranded plot, with too many characters doing too many things in too many places over too many pages. Thank you Urbane, for sorting my mind out.

The most important benefit of this decision was that I was able to create a different combination of themes in The Mosul Legacy – against the backdrop of the appalling, inevitable destruction of the historic city of Mosul, ISIL jihadists travel to commit an atrocity in Europe, an innocent Christian family escapes the Mosul hellhole to seek peace and safety, and a German police investigator works desperately to track down the jihadists before they cause massive death and destruction. The development of these themes required a huge amount of research, since I have no direct experience of events in Iraq, the operations of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, nor of the manufacture of explosives or the dreadful plight of refugees attempting to cross inhospitable borders.

A review of the book in the September Books Monthly, says, ‘Modern times call for modern stories – the days of James Bond are long gone – they were touching on this kind of story in the later episodes of Spooks, now Lowery has it in his sights and the results are edge-of-the-seat thrilling!’

I take this to mean that my book gives a more realistic view of the modern equivalent of SPECTRE, Blofeld, Goldfinger and Drax, cartoon villains with world domination aspirations. I hope that is true, but the reality is infinitely worse and cannot be fully described in a book for public consumption by ordinary, decent, God-fearing people. I have toned down the furious rhetoric which the research generated in my mind, but quite frankly, those months of investigation were the most unpleasant hours I have ever spent;

Delving into the dreadful mindset of the ISIL command, whose objectives seem to be not the creation of a new dynasty, but the total destruction and annihilation of anything or anyone who doesn’t conform to their inhuman doctrine,

The desperate plight of millions of displaced families, fleeing from certain death only to find themselves often in a worse situation, prey to every thief, people smuggler and murderer into whose clutches they fall, the alternative being internment in a stinking, violent, drug-riddled camp for as long as an uncaring world takes to find a solution,

The appalling security/humanitarian failure of borderless countries in the EU Schengen zone, facilitating the passage of dangerous criminals with fraudulent documents and preventing genuine victims of oppression from finding safety in the war-free environment they deserve in our modern age.


I hope my readers will enjoy The Mosul Legacy as a thrilling story, but that they will also realise that it is a diary of events occurring every moment of every day in our fractured world.


Christopher Lowery

September, 2018

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