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Central Suffolk Show 30/09/18

At The Shows

Today we went off to the Central Suffolk Rabbit and Cavy Show. Jon had to leave me there as he had to help his brother move. But I just stood back and watched for a change. Obviously I wasn’t that unsociable that I didn’t speak to anyone, but it was nice to stand back and watch all the goings on. 

The judge today was Derek Medlock and I think he is one of the best judges I’ve come across so far. I think my rabbits have been judged by him a few times. But today definitely has to be one of Nemesis Studs best shows EVER! 

I can’t put pictures up apart from of my Lyla (lilac Siberian) as they are entered into a huge competition in a few weeks.

But… here are the results:

Mars (Giant Papillon) got a first and a CC (Challenge Certificate)

Gilgamesh (Giant Papillon) got a second

Azurite (Blue Siberian) got a second.


The crowning glory is definitely Lyla… She got a first and a CC (Challenge Certificate). She then went on to get a first in the Adult Fur Challenge, which for us is fantastic! This on it’s own is probably the best we’ve ever done!

But then….. She went on to get 3rd in the Grand Challenge, which translates into 3rd Best in Show!! I’m still gobsmacked that it happened! But I am so so proud of her and had to get pictures of her once we got home.

She’s looked so peeved off… here is Lyla, my little beauty! 


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