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First Chapter, First Paragraph #1

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Hi Everyone,

I have now found out that Vicky over at I’d Rather Be At The Beach is the creator of this weekly meme. Make sure to check out her blog! 

This is a weekly meme I’m doing, I’ll either write down the first chapter or paragraph of a random book on my shelf. It doesn’t mean I have read it or going to read it any time soon. But it’s there ready and waiting for me! 

Happy Reading



Develish, Dorseteshire

The night seemed darker when Lady Anne took her leave of Eleanor and stepped away from the serf’s hut. Perhaps she’d tarried longer than she realised in her attempts to persuade the girl to understand the stark the choices that faced her. There was no telling time with the moon hidden by cloud. She pulled her cloak tighter about herself as protection against the rising wind and felt her way blindly along the path to the manor house. Behind her, the church was lost in blackness; ahead of her, the glow of six candles she lit each night in the south-facing window of her chamber was just discernible through the panes overlooking the forecourt. Their feeble light was all that was visible in the enshrouding darkness.



The Book – The Turn of Midnight (Black Death #2)

As the year 1349 approaches, the Black Death continues its devastating course across England. In Dorseteshire, the quarantined people of Develish question whether they are the only survivors.

Guided by their beloved young mistress, Lady Anne, they wait, knowing that when their dwindling stores are finally gone they will have no choice but to leave. But where will they find safety in the desolate wasteland outside?

One man has the courage to find out.

Thaddeus Thurkell, a free-thinking, educated serf, strikes out in search of supplies and news. A compelling leader, he and his companions quickly throw off the shackles of serfdom and set their minds to ensuring Develish’s future – and freedom for its people.

But what use is freedom that cannot be gained lawfully? When Lady Anne and Thaddeus conceive an audacious plan to secure her people’s independence, neither foresees the life-threatening struggle over power, money and religion that follows…


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