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Weekly Wednesday #1


Hi Everyone! 

So my Wednesday’s are always pretty empty, I have no idea why, but I never seem to have a post on a Wednesday and so in comes Weekly Wednesday. This post every week will be about something different. Whether it’s a book that’s caught my eye, something that has happened during the week – ANYTHING GOES! It may not be bookish, but I figured something different has to be on the cards for a Wednesday. 

So I hope you all enjoy this Weekly Wednesday post.

Happy Reading!


So on New Years Eve I was so fed up with being stuck indoors that I made the other half take me to Colchester Zoo. I love the zoo, every time I go, even though I see the same animals, they are always doing something different.

I didn’t take many photos this time round but I’ll add some that I have taken on previous trips. I’m really hoping we get to go to other zoos around the country this year. Unfortunately, as I don’t have a premium account (sob! maybe this year) I can’t upload any videos. But any way, here are some pictures I’ve got. Not all obviously as there are too many, but there’s a selection.

If you do live nearby then Groupon are currently doing a special offer. All tickets are £10 throughout January. If you want to take advantage of this offer click here.

I must also apologise, but there will never be pictures of the snakes go up on my blog or anywhere as that is one animal I’m absolutely petrified of and won’t go near.



No doubt as you can tell I am pretty rubbish with a camera, but I am trying to get better.



I honestly can’t believe how many meerkats I got in one picture! I was very impressed with this.

This very handsome fella is actually my desktop wallpaper on my pc as I was so pleased to have got this photo. He really does look the king he is!


The day I got these photos was when we were having a huge heatwave and the even the poor rhinos looked fed up!


If only I knew how to sharpen up my photos! This one would have been fantastic otherwise!


Well… I think he’s happy to see everyone!! I didn’t actually notice until I just added it to the blog!



I do love elephants, they might be absolutely humongous, but they are ever so graceful!


Again, I wish I could sharpen this up as it would be a fantastic photo if I could.


And here are just some of the others I managed to get.

I hope you enjoyed my rather questionable shots of the animals at my local zoo. Who knows, you could get more the next time I go!


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