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#MachoMay #Interview – The Pluckley Psychic Historical Society by Grahame Peace @GrahamePeace


Hi Everyone, 

Today on Macho May we have an interview with Grahame Peace, the author of The Pluckley Psychic Historical Society. Thank you Grahame for answering all my questions 😀 

All other information has been gathered from Goodreads.

The Blurb

42950760Meet Jasper a time-travelling super-ghost with a sense of humour; can he help to solve a 400-year-old mystery? And can he stop a coven of ancient Celtic witches from returning? In these eerie, historic, amusing paranormal stories.
The Pluckley Psychic Historical Society is based in Pluckley, Kent, the most haunted village in England. Its founding members are the noted academic, historian, and Cambridge scholar Winston Hatherton, the white witch Florence Dearden, and the celebrated medium Jocasta Bradman. They are assisted by an 18th-century super-ghost called Jasper Claxton, although none of the society members is aware that Jasper is a ghost.
This is the third book in ‘The Ghost from the Molly-House’ series, and this book describes how the Psychic Historical Society was set up and goes back to the group’s first two official cases in 1919, just after the end of the first world war. The first story, ‘The Jewellery Box’ involves a 16th-century jewellery box made from precious metals, which is found buried in a garden and reveals a 400-year-old mystery.
The second story, ‘The Book of Souls’ is set in Huddersfield, England, at a place called Jubilee Tower or Castle Hill, which was built to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria and is on the site of ancient bronze and iron age settlements dating back 4000 years. An old book of spells is found, and once opened, it appears to have released something ominous.
The Ghost from the Molly-House series is a collection of amusing paranormal-historical-mysteries, which will appeal to fans of antiquity, period detective novels, tales of haunted houses, and all things that go bump in the night. Although this is the third book in the series, the novel can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story in its own right.


This book is currently free on Kindle Unlimited.


I was born in Huddersfield, England in 1958. I was always interested in the high-end fashion industry, and really wanted to be a fashion designer, but young working-class men from the North of England did not ‘do’ fashion in the 1970’s.

I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left school, my passion was fashion, but at the time it was a non-starter and I drifted into psychiatric nursing, working for the National Health Service for nearly forty years. Very different I know, but I’m grateful for the experience and it taught me such a lot. I’m now retired and decided to try my hand at writing. I’d always enjoyed writing, but it had been mostly academic assignments or work reports.

My first book ‘The Dressing Room’ is in many ways about the life I would like to have had, people, say you should write about what you know, so that’s what I tried to do. Writing the book was a huge learning curve, and I re-edited the book in early 2018 to improve it and remove some errors. After writing ‘The Dressing Room’ I lost confidence for a while but started writing again in late 2017.

I decided to pick up a character from ‘The Dressing Room’, Barbara Day, a beautician, I loved writing her character, and ‘The Beauty Room’ came out in early 2018 on Amazon.

While writing that I had an idea for a ghost story, which really inspired me and ‘The Ghost from the Molly-House’ came out in June on Amazon. I’m just finishing the sequel ‘The Jasper Claxton Mysteries’, which should be out on Amazon in September.

I write most days and it continues to be a big learning curve, but hopefully, practice makes, well I won’t say it, but you know what I mean!

You can find me as Grahame Peace Author on Facebook, I’m also on Twitter and many other book sites.


1. Where did you find the inspiration for your book?

I’m currently writing book four in a series called ‘The Ghost from the Molly-House’, the idea came from reading some little-known historical literature, about 18th century London, England. It fascinated me and I thought it would give a great back-story to my main character Jasper Claxton.

2. If your book came with a theme song, what would it be and why?

Frank Sinatra singing MY WAY, I think the title says it all, and it sums up my time-travelling super-ghost, who’s had no training for the job and has seen a lot of life across the centuries all over the world.

But I think as a writer, you mustn’t be afraid, or let other people’s views colour your own gut instinct with a story, some people will like your style while others just won’t ever get it. Work on your grammar, check, check and re-check, then have your work proof read, it’s essential. Even then there are no full-proof guarantees it will be perfect, but you’ve made your work as good as you can. I’m constantly learning and hopefully improving.

3. Who is your favourite character and why?

In my book the main character Jasper Claxton, a time-travelling super-ghost with a sense of humour. He’s been there done that, worn the t-shirt, etc, he knows what matters in life, things like love and compassion, but he is also very aware of the difficulties in ‘life’ and all the problems that go with it and the ‘human condition’. I worked for many years in Mental Health, so I think I know a fair bit about ‘real life’.

In my new book I have a character called Patrina who’s a wealthy social media and reality TV star and I’ve loved writing her character. I’m thinking about doing a whole book about after I’ve finished my current book. She’s a totally self-obsessed, vain, selfish, bitch! But very funny, I’ve loved creating her character.

4. What is your favourite genre/author to read?

I read all the time and like many styles of books, but I like humour, at the moment, I’ve been enjoying books by Shani Struthers and Darcy Coates, we share the same genre of books. But I also like the classics, Austen, Bronte, Dickens. Although I don’t like anything too dark, I had enough of that in my day job, I like escapism. I also like biographies, film stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood fascinate me. I also like books about high end fashion and haute couture designers, again from the Golden Age of couture, like Dior, Chanel, Patou, Balmain, Vionnet, Lanvin, Givenchy, YSL, and Balenciaga, I have MANY!

5. Do you have any tips on the process of getting published?

That I can’t answer other than to say you need to be very tenacious and stick at it, you can’t let rejection destroy your dreams and aspirations. And, don’t be in it to get rich, if getting rich is your main aim, then forget it now, do it because you love it, keep on reading and writing.

6. When you’re not writing, what other hobbies do you have?

Travel, keeping fit, the theatre, reading of course, good food, wine. I’m Taurean, we like the finer things in life! I’ve had a strong interest in the high-end fashion industry for most of life, it has a habit of creeping into my books.

7. What are you working on at the moment?

The fourth book in The Ghost from the Molly-House series, it’s called The Psychic Agency, it’s set in the current technological age, but is also about Ancient Egypt. I’m hoping it will be out worldwide on Amazon in April.

8. Where is your favourite place to write?

I have an armchair in out large lounge at home over-looking the garden at the back of the house, I sit there with my laptop and away I go into other places in time and history.

9. What are your go-to tools for writing?

I do an awful lot of historical research so the internet and of course other books are essential to me, although my books are fiction and fantasy, I like them to be as historically correct as possible. I also find it gives me new ideas for a story.

10. Do you prefer it quiet or some background noise when you’re working? If you prefer background noise what do you usually have on?

I have music playing on random in the background, with just about every musical style you can think off.

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