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I’m Back!!!

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone that still follows me has kept well and safe in the past 18 months? After some time away and getting half of my degree done in the last 3 years, I decided it was time to come back into the fold of book blogging. I did really enjoy it before and do miss it now. I will be doing it at my own pace rather than being swept into doing lots and lots, before I just couldn’t handle it and I was pulling all nighters and getting dates wrong due to tiredness. Not a good way to be. So it will all be done at my own pace, I will be taking part in blog tours, but not where I’m trying to post everyday.

What else have I been doing the past 2 years I’ve been away from blogging apart from studying? I’ve still been reading lots, I’ve been doing a lot of rabbit shows other than the past 18 months of course and I have been going through the motions of setting up my gift shop. I have been making lots of different items and adding them to the Etsy store. You can find my shop at Gifts by Nemesis by GiftsbyNemesis on Etsy I have really enjoyed making every single piece of jewellery and crocheted items on there and plan to make many many more.

I won’t make this post all long and boring but without further ado I declare Nemesis Book Blog…

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