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#Review – A Witch in Time by Constance Sayers @constancesayers #AWitchinTime

Hi Everyone,

Today I have a review for A Witch in Time by Constance Sayers. I only finished today (29/07/21) and I just had to rave about it.

I hope you enjoy


A Witch in Time

A young woman in Belle Epoque France is cursed to relive a doomed love affair through many lifetimes, as both troubled muse and frustrated artist.

In 1895, sixteen-year-old Juliet LaCompte has a passionate, doomed romance with the married Parisian painter Auguste Marchant. When her mother — a witch — botches a curse on Marchant, she unwittingly binds Juliet to the artist through time, damning her to re-live her affair and die tragically young lifetime after lifetime as the star-crossed lovers reincarnate through history.

Luke Varner, the worldly demon tasked with maintaining this badly crafted curse, has been helplessly in love with his charge, in all her reincarnations, since 19th century France. He’s in love with Nora, a silver screen starlet in 1930s Hollywood. He’s in love with Sandra, a struggling musician in 1970s Los Angeles. And he’s in love with Helen, a magazine exec in present-day DC who has the power to “suggest” others do her bidding.

In this life, Helen starts to recall the curse and her tragic previous lives. But this time, she might have the power to break the cycle…

A Witch in Time is perfect for fans of A Secret History of WitchesOutlander, and The Time Traveler’s Wife

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Author Bio

Constance Sayers is the author of the Amazon best-selling novel, A Witch in Time (2020 Redhook/Hachette) as well as The Ladies of the Secret Circus (2021 Redhook/Hachette) that received a starred review from both Publishers Weekly and Library Journal. Her books have been translated into six languages.

A finalist for Alternating Current’s 2016 Luminaire Award for Best Prose, her short stories have appeared in Souvenir and Amazing Graces: Yet Another Collection of Fiction by Washington Area Women as well as The Sky is a Free Country. Her short fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net.

She received her master of arts in English from George Mason University and graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of arts in writing from the University of Pittsburgh. She attended The Bread Loaf Writers Conference where she studied with Charles Baxter and Lauren Groff. A media executive, she’s twice been named one of the “Top 100 Media People in America” by Folio and included in their list of “Top Women in Media.”

She lives in Washington DC. Like her character in The Ladies of the Secret Circus, she was the host of a radio show from midnight to six.

What can I say about this? Well, to start with, I finished it today as mentioned above and I’ve had to come straight on here to rave about it. I loved everything about this book, even all the graphic gory details of a demon climbing into Juliet’s mums mouth. But then I love a bit of gore and the unexpected. Bring it on is what I say!

There were 4 women in this novel, all of them a main character as they were all the same women, I loved them all, I really did, they all brought something different to the plot of the story and each one was slightly different and more independent than the last. In the end I really felt for Lucian/Luke as all he wanted was for the love of his life to be happy above everything else. I can’t believe Helen did what she did, I can understand why, because she didn’t want to die, but still, he was the love of her life. It made me sad.

I absolutely loved the use of imagery in this novel, I’ve never been a fan and Thomas Hardy was such a hard read because of it. However, Sayers has done a magnificent job in this novel, I really felt that I was there in each place with each woman. Walking with Juliet to the well in France, being in the spotlight with Nora, on stage with Sandra and reliving everything with Helen.

I will say that if you’re looking for a proper witchy book then this isn’t for you and won’t be for everyone. There is only one spell and it’s the spell that curses Juliet and her next 3 lives. It is definitely more of a tragic love story but it has been so well told.

One thing I need to know is… Will there be a story of Luke? What happened to him when he was waiting for his women, that sounds so bad, but it is how it was. I definitely need this story told from Luke’s perspective I think. Hopefully it will come soon.

Will I recommend this book? Absolutely, I think whoever likes tragic love stories will love this, maybe a bit of historical fiction too. Definitely go out and buy it!

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