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#Review #BodyLanguage – Body Language by A. K. Turner – @AnyaLipska

Good morning everyone,

Today I have a review for Body Language by A. K. Turner. What a read this turned out to be and I now have a new heroine. Cassie Raven is kick-ass!!

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Body Language by A. K. Turner


Camden mortuary assistant Cassie Raven has pretty much seen it all. But this is the first time she’s come face to face with someone she knows on the slab. Someone she cared about. Her friend and mentor, Mrs E.

Deeply intuitive and convinced that she can pick up the last thoughts of the dead, Cassie senses that there must be more to the ruling of an accidental death. Is her grief making her see things that aren’t there, or is her intuition right, and there’s something more sinister to her friend’s death than the ME thinks? Harbouring an innate distrust of the police, Cassie sets out to investigate and deliver justice to the woman who saved her life.

For fans of Elly Griffiths’ Ruth Galloway series and Kathy Reichs’ Temperance Brennan, Cassie Raven is the edgy new forensic sleuth on the block.

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Amazon UK – Body Language

Author Bio

A.K.A. Anya Lipska

A K Turner likes to create memorable characters, throw them into unusual settings, and add a hefty dose of murder and a twisty-turny plot. Her latest book, Body Language, introduces a new kind of forensic heroine – a crime-solving Goth-girl mortuary technician who talks to the dead, a character first launched in two crime shorts aired on BBC Radio 4. A K’s previous series, written under the pen name Anya Lipska, starred a London-based Polish fixer who’s happy to crack heads to solve crimes – which saw her being selected for Val McDermid’s prestigious New Blood Panel at Harrogate Crime Festival in 2012.

A K (aka Ali) lives in East London where she is writing more mortuary-set mysteries. Her day job is producing TV documentaries on true crime and science topics. And just for light relief she is training to be a City of London guide…

Read more about A K’s books over at where you can sign up to her newsletter for news and giveaways.

A. K. Turner’s Social Media Links

Website –

Goodreads – A. K. Turner or Anya Lipska

Twitter – @AnyaLipska

Facebook – Anya Lipska or A. K. Turner

Well, now that was quite a read! I absolutely loved it! The characters were incredible and Cassie is an amazing new heroine on the scene. I love Cassie and personally I think we’d get on like a house on fire. She’s witty, a bit of a train wreck and I love that. Plus her job sounds so interesting and the way the dead talk to her is totally different. It’s not a full blown conversation and usually just a word or a small sentence.

This is probably going to be the shortest review in the history of my blog, because I loved everything about it. The writing style, the characters, the suspense, it kept me on the edge of my seat, it’s a page turner and need I go on and on? I’d end up repeating myself.

Would I recommend this book? Oh most definitely!! Everyone needs to read this I think.

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