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Good Morning All,

How are we? Today I have a review for a much loved author of mine. Hot Desk by Zara Stoneley.

Have an amazing day!


Hot Desk

Same desk, different days.

A post-it note is just the beginning…

Alice loves her job and wants to keep it – whatever the price. But then she’s told the company is switching to flexible working and hot desking…Alice’s desk might look a mess, but she knows exactly where everything is. Or she did. Until she found out she’s going to share it with the most annoying guy in the office.

Jamie can work from anywhere. He’s quite happy to sweep his work life into a box at the end of the working day. But can sharing a desk with Alice be as much fun as teasing her in person?

With no option but to try it and see, will their relationship turn into open warfare or will it ever progress beyond a post-it note?

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Author Bio – USA Today bestselling author Zara Stoneley was born in a small village in the UK. She wanted to be a female James Herriot, a spy, or an author when she grew up.

After many (many) years, and many different jobs, her dream of writing a bestseller came true, and more than half a million copies of her books have now been sold worldwide.

She writes about friendship, dreams, love, and happy ever afters, and hopes that her tales make you laugh a lot, cry a little, and occasionally say ‘ahhh’.

Zara now lives in a Cheshire village with her family, a lively cockapoo, a cocker spaniel puppy and a very bossy (and slightly evil) cat.

Social Media Links –

Twitter: @ZaraStoneley

Instagram: zarastoneley

When I saw this tour drop in my inbox I knew I had to be a part of it. I love Zara Stoneley novels and jump at the chance to read them. They’re quirky, full of humour, friendship, love and light hearted fun. I think everyone needs a Zara Stoneley novel in their collection, oh at least all of them 😉

Was it me, or was Alice always procrastinating? A bit like me really, trying to do everything but what I’m supposed to be doing, but she seemed to be a bit obsessed with her desk, maybe even a bit OCD with it? Jamie definitely comes across as a free spirited jack the lad in the beginning and those men kind of annoy me a bit, but he also helped to make the book what it is. The relationship that Alice and Jamie had flew off the page (or in my case kindle) and it really did spark, I loved the snarky comments between them and the banter they had in general.

This book has very much so, been written with the current pandemic in mind and going back to work after lockdown. I don’t understand how people can be sharing their desk in these times, however I’d like to take my hat off to Zara for trying something a little different and making these difficult times a little light hearted.

As most people know, I’ll try reading anything, this for me was a good book, but it didn’t hit as many of the right spots for me as the others have. This will not deter me from reading the authors books as I love them too much.

If you would like to read more about what other people think, then please do head on over to the other amazing bloggers on this tour. Just enter their blog names into a search engine.

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