Hi everyone,

Where to start? Well, my name is Kim and I work at a community centre. I love what I do there.

I breed and show rabbits so I am a bunny mummy, as I show, it does make me a BRC member. I also have 2 cats (Bubbles and Split) and a bearded dragon called Fred. We also have quite a few fish as well.

I dabble in making jewellery and I crochet, for these I am in the throws of creating another blog. Which I’m very excited about.

As for books. I truly will read anything but I usually lean towards fantasy, crime, thriller and young adult books. I never leave the house without my kindle or a book. I will be adding books that I have already reviewed as it will help to bulk out my blog a little bit. My facebook page for Nemesis Book Blog is Nemesis Book Blog so come on over and give me a like.

I do book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads as well as Netgalley and Bookbridgr. I don’t read huge amounts but when I do get going I can read a lot.

I will probably end up blogging about other things as well as books. As I’m constantly looking to try new things. I might even include the odd rant here and there as we are only human and sometimes need to vent things.

I do hope I’ve not scared anyone away yet. I look forward to getting to know you.

Please feel free to leave me a hey!