Author A-Z


Here I will list all authors that have featured on my blog, whether it is a review, blog tour, extract, or cover reveal. They are all here in one place!

They are listed alphabetically by surname.




A. K. Amhersty – Belfast Central

Claire Ayres – Entrapped – Cover Reveal – Entrapped – Review




Brenda Bannister – The Tissue Veil

Sue Bentley – We Other

Mollie Blake – An Unconventional Affair

Rachel J Bonner – Strand of Faith (Cover Reveal) – Strand of Faith (Review)

Karen Botha – Daisy

Christopher Bowden – The Amber Maze

Chrissie Bradshaw – The Barn of Buried Dreams

Roger Bray – The Picture

AnneMarie Brear – The Promise of Tomorrow

Laura Briggs – A Garden in CornwallA Wedding in Cornwall (Books 7 – 12)

Rachel Brimble – If I Want You

Angela Britnell – Here Comes The Best Man

Victoria Brownlee – A Winter Retreat at the Paris Cheese Shop

J. F. Burgess – The Killer Shadow Thieves

Thomas Paul Burgess – Through Hollowed Lands

Catherine M. Byrne – Mary Rosie’s War




Jane Cable – The Cheesemaker’s House

Deborah Carr – The Poppy Field

Michael Phillip Cash – The History Major: A Novella

Alice Castle – Homicide on Herne Hill

Sun Chara – Greek Millionaire, Unruly Wife

E. A. Clark – And No Birds Shall Sing

Rosie Clarke – Christmas is for Children

Anne Coates – Songs of Innocence

Angie Coleman – What a Girl Wants

Cathrina Constantine – Wings of Flesh and Bone

Allie Cresswell – Game ShowMrs Bates of Highbury

S.C Cunningham – The Penance ListThe DealUnfinished Business




Alex Dahl – The Boy At The Door

Jacky Dahlhaus – Living Like a Vampire: Suckers Book 1

Audrey Davis – The Haunting Of Hattie Hastings

Elizabeth Davies – Three Bloody PiecesA Stain on the Soul (Cover Reveal) – A Stain on the Soul (Review) – Another Kind of Magic (Cover Reveal) – Another Kind Of Magic (Review)

Shelley Day – What Are You Like?

Kate Donne – Bobby ‘Chicken Legs’ Muldoon: Fame and Fortune in the Gorbals

Claire Douglas – Last Seen Alive

Matt Doyle – Addict

Elizabeth Dulcie – Corruption!




Laurie Ellingham – One Endless Summer

Diane Ezzard – I Know Your Every Move




Catherine Fearns – Reprobation

Kate Field – The Winter That Made Us

Jenni Fletcher – The Warrior’s Bride Prize

Kelly Florentina – Her Secret

SarahJane Ford – I Give You My Heart

Leigh Fossan – Painting Blue Water

Cara Fraser – Summer of Love

Kathryn Freeman – Oh CrumbsA Little Christmas Charm

E.C. Fremantle – The Poison Bed

Jo Furniss – The Trailing Spouse




R.J. Garcia – Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced

Bernadette Giacomozzo – The Gathering

Jennifer Gilmour – Isolation Junction

Connie Glynn – Undercover Princess

Hanna R. Goodman – Til It Stops Beating

Luke Gracias – The Devil’s Prayer

Erin Green – The Magic of Christmas Tree Farm

Rosie Green – Spring at the Little Duck Pond CaféSnowed in at the Little Duck Pond Cafe




David Hair – Athena’s Champion

Tani Hanes – Pete and Daisy

Nicole Harkin – Tilting, A Memoir

Paul Harrison – Chasing Monsters (Love Books Group Extract) – Chasing Monsters (Urbane Extravaganza)

James Hartley – The Invisible HandCold Fire

Emily Harvale – Cottage on Lily Pond LaneBells and Bows on Mistletoe Row

Lucy V. Hay – Proof Positive

Virginia Heath – The Mysterious Lord Millcroft

L. M. Hedrick – The Rigel Affair

Anthony Hewitt – Joshua N’Gon: Last Prince of Alkebulahn

David Hewson – The Savage Shore

Cynthia Hilston – A Laughing Matter of Pain

Lisa Hobman – What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

Tamar Hodes – The Water and the Wine

Faith Hogan – What Happened To Us?

Janet Hoggarth – The Single Mum’s Mansion

Pamela Holmes – Wyld Dreamers

Dave Holwill – The Craft Room

Janice Horton – The Backpacking Housewife

Maria Hummel – Still Lives




Julia Ibbotson – Finding Jess




Kiltie Jackson – An Artisan Lovestyle

Caroline James – The Best Boomerville Hotel

Janez Jansa – White Panther

Michael Jenkins – The Failsafe Query

Sophie Jonas-Hill – Broken Ponies

Frances Jones – A Skin of a Dragon

Wendy H. Jones – Antiques and Alibis




Carrie Kablean – What Kittie Did Next

Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer – The Little Gate Crasher

Felicia Kingsley – How (Not) To Marry A Duke




Marie Laval – Little Pink Taxi

Zoe Lea – If He Wake

David Leadbeater – The Relic Hunters

K. T. Lee – Calculated Contagion

M. J. Lee – The Vanished Child

Mark Leggatt – The Silk Road

Jeremy Liebster – The Bespokist Society Guide to… London

Judy Leigh – A Grand Old Time

Joan Livingston – Redneck’s Revenge

Diane Louise – Dating Down

Shari Low – With Or Without YouBecause Mummy Said SoAnother Day in Winter

Christopher Lowery – The Dark WebMosul Legacy

Nia Lucas – Love Punked

Rachel Lynch – Dead End




Abbey Macmunn – Violet Souls

Ruth Mancini – In The Blood

Hollie Anne Marsh – Sweetbriars

Isabella May – Costa del Churros

Cath Mayo – Athena’s Champion (Guest Post 2)

K. J. McGillick – The Last Lie She Told

Elizabeth McGivern – Amy Cole Has Lost Her Mind

Rachel McLean – A House DividedDivide and RuleDivided We Stand

John Mead – The Hanging Women

A.L. Michael – Martini’s and Memories

Jason Minick – Arcam

Belinda Missen – A Recipe For Disaster

Sadie Mitchell – Silencing Anna

Jess B. Moore – Guilt of a SparrowFierce Grace

Frank Morelli – No Sad Songs

R. N. Morris – Red Hand of Fury

Isabella Muir – The Invisible Case




Steven Neil – The Merest Loss

Rosemary Noble – Sadie’s Wars

David Nolan – Black Moss

Columbkill Noonan – Barnabas Tew and the Case of the Missing ScarabBarnabas Tew and the Case of the Nine Worlds




Jenny O’Brien – The Stepsister (Cover Reveal) – The Stepsister (Review)

Tina O’Hailey – Absolute Darkness

Jane O’Reilly – Deep Blue

Bella Osborne – Coming Home To Ottercombe Bay

Susi Osborne – Angelica Stone




Danielle Page – Stealing Snow

B.A Paris – Behind Closed Doors

Chris Parker – Faith

Ian Patrick – Stoned Love

Amanda Paull – Pictures in the Sky

Val Penny – Hunter’s ChaseHunter’s Revenge

Fiona Perrin – The Story After Us (Extract) – The Story After Us (Review)

Jo Platt – Finding Felix

Anna Premoli – What’s Love Got to do With It?

Rachel Pudsey – The Watcher of the Night Sky

Malcolm Purnell – Right on the Monet




Andy Rausch – Riding Shotgun

Jay Raven – Crimson Siege

Lexi Rees – Eternal Seas

Sarah Ridout – Le Chateau

Susan Roebuck – Joseph Barnaby

Suzanne Rogerson – Visions of Zarua

Ian Ross – Triumph in Dust

Julie Ryan – Finding Rose

Kate Ryder – Cottage on a Cornish Cliff




Jody Sabral – I Never Lie

Emma Salisbury – Absent

G. D. Sammon – Wolf Boy

Eliza J. Scott – The Letter – Kitty’s Story

Michelle Scott – Just The Two of Us

Alison Sherlock – A Way Back Home

James Silvester – Blood, White and Blue

Colin Sinclair – Elji and the Galrass (Review) – Elji and the Galrass (Interview)

Katrina Snow – Forbidden

Elle Spellman – She’s Bad News

Rachael Stewart – Unshackled (Guest Review) – The Good Sister

Robert Stone – Chasing Black Gold

Zara Stoneley – The Wedding DateNo One Cancels Christmas

C. J. Sutton – Dortmund Hibernate




Laini Taylor – Strange The Dreamer

Carrie Thomas – Dream Girls: Nicole

Gordon Thorburn – My Lady Anne

Catherine Tinley – The Makings of a Lady

Samantha Tonge – One Summer in RomeForgive Me Not – Cover RevealForgive Me Not – Review

Tom Trott – The Benevolent Dictator

Stacey Tucker – Ocean’s Fire

Suzy Turner – Aphrodite’s Closet

S.J.A Turney – Daughter of War










Lily Mae Walters – Josie James and the Teardrops of Summer

Victoria Walters – Random Acts of Kindness: Part 1Random Acts of Kindness: Part 2Random Acts of Kindness: Part 3 Random Acts of Kindness: Part 4 – New Adventures

D. A. Watson – Cuttin’ Heads

Lauren Westwood – Moonlight on the Thames

Kate White – The Secrets You KeepThe Wrong Man

Olivia Wildenstein – Harshville

Jen Williams – The Ninth Rain

Paula Williams – Murder Served Cold

Tora Williams – Bound To Her Blood Enemy

Stephen J. Willis – Spirits of the Dead

S. R. Wilsher – The Glass Diplomat

M. K. Wiseman – The Kithseeker

Jo Worgan – Picking Up The Pieces




Rose Zolock – Medium Wave