Giant Papillons

Giant Papillon

Welcome to the Giant Papillon page. Giant Papillons are very large rabbits and can weigh a lot! They need a lot of space as they are very energetic.

We were first introduced to Giant Papillons when we got our very first 2, Latte and Fudge. Latte was a tri and Fudge looked like he was a sooty fawn, but actually wasn’t.

You will read about Latte a lot I reckon as she was our first and really does hold a very special place in our hearts. I can specifically remember someone nicknaming her “Thunderpants”, everything we do with the paps is because of her. 

So without further ado lets meet the gang shall we? These little posts will be linked to their larger posts.



33824426_2061400367434101_4003343564971966464_oThis section is for Mars. 

Mars #1 is here







This section is for Gilgamesh. 33710541_2061397840767687_2959698999176593408_o

Gilgamesh #1 is here







46493243_2197024107205059_8558700357167874048_oThis section is for Pandora

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