Nemesis Stud

Nemesis Stud

Hi everyone, 

So this is the first of 2 new additions to my blog.

My name is Kim and my partner in crime is Jon. Nemesis Stud is the stud name I show under. We have been breeding rabbits for almost 6 years and we have been showing for 2 and a half of those years. I’m not going to say it’s an easy world to be a part of but we’re getting there slowly.

Our main breeds are Giant Papillons, these rabbits have such characters, they are on the extremely large scale but we absolutely love them and wouldn’t be without them.

We also have French Lops, mainly in blue, blue butterfly, agouti and steel. You will see as time goes on all the different colours we have. As well as getting to know their names and personalities.

On a very small scale, we have a breeding pair of Mini Papillons, gorgeous little bunnies they are, with a lot of character.

We also have Siberians and a few Mini Lops. All of which I promise you will all get to know.

I’ll also be posting videos and show results. We have a few championships coming up and we can’t wait to get there and let the rabbits do their stuff at these shows. We are proud of them all no matter what the outcome!

My Facebook page can also be found at Nemesis Stud

I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do these posts yet, but I’ll figure it out. I’ll probably also move lots of things about in time as well.

So, with this rather long post, I’ll try and get down to business and start getting some rabbits up

But… there isn’t just rabbits, we also have a few guinea pigs here too and I’ll be getting pictures of them up as well.