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Tag Tuesday – The Netgalley Book Tag

Good morning all, As you may have guessed it's Tuesday, so that means another tag! I haven't been tagged in this so I can't thank the tagger. But I tag everyone and anyone who would like to take part! Just please link back to me so I can read your answers.  I hope you enjoyed… Continue reading Tag Tuesday – The Netgalley Book Tag

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Tag Tuesday – Get To Know Ya Book Tag

Hi Everyone, Today is Tag Tuesday, so I thought I'd do the Get To Know Ya Book Tag. I found on the reader ages ago and decided it was time to do it. And so, without further ado, let's get going... 1. Favourite book of all time? Ouch, talk about jump right in and drop… Continue reading Tag Tuesday – Get To Know Ya Book Tag

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Tag Tuesday – Ultimate Book Tag

Good morning everyone,  So once again, it's Tuesday and here is another tag! This one is the Ultimate Book Tag! I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget, all my tags are open and anyone can join in! If you do copy the tag from me, please tag me in it so I can read your… Continue reading Tag Tuesday – Ultimate Book Tag

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Tag Tuesday – 100 Truths Tag

Good Morning Everyone!  As well as doing my First Paragraph Tuesday I'm also going to do a Tag Tuesday, this is where I do a random tag. I might not have been tagged in it, and I might not know the original creator so if I don't get to tag the person I apologise. All… Continue reading Tag Tuesday – 100 Truths Tag